Because the pharmaceutical industry transforms products for human consumption, hygienic and non-toxic characteristics are very important factors for the belts that are used.

The applications for this industry may include:

  • Biomedical (Bulk, sorting, inspection, packaging …)
  • Medical equipment (assembly, packaging …)
  • Hygiene products (Formatting, vacuum, returning waste …)


Courroie/Belt : UNI FLEX ASB

Uni Flex ASB

Top R2.2, CS R2.2, R1.6, R2.2, Rubber Top R2.2, Tab R2.2, Edge R2.2

Courroie/Belt : UNI LIGHT EP

Uni Light EP

C, 8.5%, 18%, EP 22%, EP 22% Fined-Meshed, 28%, 33%, 33% Rib, 46%, Rib, Vacuum