Agricultural sector

Specific challenges

  • belts require above-average resistance since they are used in environments with high humidity, dust, and chemicals concentration that often are deterioration factors.

Beltal solutions

  • Esbelt elevator belts with multilayer carcass to reduce elongation and allow for a higher load capacity
  • Low energy consumption, meet ATEX standard (EXII 2 GDC), antistatic (ISO 284)
  • Resistant to animal and vegetable oils and fats
  • Variety of PVC standard belts for common use with smooth, textured or crescent top profile
  • Range of Polarflex belts that offer abrasion resistance better than Grade II rubbers and longer belt life in abrasive applications
  • Belts are cold-resistant down to -40°C for outdoor applications

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  • Fertilizers: bulk shipping, elevators, mixers, spreaders
  • Harvest: baling presses, threshers, pickers, stackers
  • Processing: bulk shipping, elevators, mixers, packaging
  • Food: weighing, drilling, grains

Advantages and benefits of Beltal’s offer

  • Great peace of mind thanks to Beltal’s extensive experience in the field
  • Simplified ordering given the broad range of products and applications available
  • Time and money savings since Beltal solutions make belts last longer
  • Increased productivity by reducing losses due to abrasion or cold
Courroie/Belt : UNI FLEX ASB

Uni Flex ASB

Top R2.2, CS R2.2, R1.6, R2.2, Rubber Top R2.2, Tab R2.2, Edge R2.2

Courroie/Belt : UNI LIGHT EP

Uni Light EP

C, 8.5%, 18%, EP 22%, EP 22% Fined-Meshed, 28%, 33%, 33% Rib, 46%, Rib, Vacuum