Industrial sector

Many products of automated production lines require various types of conveyor belts.

Specific challenges

  • In various industrial fields, protecting the integrity of the product during the production process is a key criterion.
  • Transporting or transferring products over long distances, curves and inclines, or heavier loads may be issues for clients.

Beltal solutions

  • Great cut and tear resistance for increased durability
  • Better adhesion of cover types to facilitate transport on ascending and descending conveyors
  • Compliance with industry standards such as antistatic standards
  • Hidden mechanical fasteners to prevent damage to conveyed product
  • Reinforced cleats able to carry heavier loads or softer cleats to avoid damaging the product
  • Manufacturing of curved belts

industriel1 industriel2


  • Recycling: stamping, waste processing, elevators, sandblasting, magnetic separators
  • Packaging: line shafts, buildups, inclines, curves
  • Textile: dryers, printers, transfer, cutters, drive shafts, winders
  • Aggregates: screening, washers, slingshots, concrete conveying, hot-mix asphalt trailers
  • Wood processing: sawmills, metal detectors, waste processing, sanders, coaters, tenoners
  • Pulp, paper and paperboard: corrugators, stackers, transfer, folding, printing, packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals: sorting, inspection, bulk shipping, packaging
  • Parcel services: carriage of baggage, post offices, courier services

Advantages and benefits of Beltal’s offer

  • Great peace of mind thanks to Beltal’s extensive experience in the field
  • Simplified ordering given the broad range of products and applications available
  • Time and money savings since Beltal solutions make belts last longer
  • Increased productivity by reducing losses due to cuts on the belt or damaged products
Courroie/Belt : UNI FLEX ASB

Uni Flex ASB

Top R2.2, CS R2.2, R1.6, R2.2, Rubber Top R2.2, Tab R2.2, Edge R2.2

Courroie/Belt : UNI LIGHT EP

Uni Light EP

C, 8.5%, 18%, EP 22%, EP 22% Fined-Meshed, 28%, 33%, 33% Rib, 46%, Rib, Vacuum