Beltal’s offer

  • Esbelt, S.A. manufactures high-quality and high-reliability thermoplastic belts
  • Belts for all processing steps of a food factory
  • Exclusive distributor for Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, distribution throughout North America

Industrial sectors

  • Food sector: bakeries and biscuit factories, chocolate and confectionery, meat and poultry, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables
  • Agricultural sector: refined sugar, viticulture, olive oil, elevator belts, tobacco, fruits and vegetables, horticulture
  • Industrial sector: textiles, soaps and detergents, automotive, ceramics

Benefits of Esbelt products

  • TPU and TPE belts that strictly comply with FDA food standards and EU 10/2011 and EC 1935/2004 European regulations
  • Use of thermoplastics with high resistance to abrasion
  • Load capacity above average while maintaining excellent flexibility to run on small pulleys
  • Waterproof fabrics with low capillarity that prevent liquid absorption and improve hygiene (successful Wicking Test G11)
  • Possibility of having a premium TPU recommended for applications where there is a strict cleaning and disinfection protocol, in high humidity environments or where microbial load control is of vital importance
  • Metal Detectable belt option to improve food inspection
  • Antimicrobial AM series that reduces microbial growth by more than 99%, preventing biofilm formation and belt from being a source of contamination of conveyed products
  • Elevator belts with multilayer carcass to reduce elongation for a higher load capacity: low energy consumption, meet ATEX standard (EXII 2 GDC), antistatic (ISO 284) and resistant to animal and vegetable oils and fats

Benefits for processing plants

  • Significantly higher productivity
  • Reduction of losses and rejections
  • Reduced risks of contamination or loss of reputation
  • Much lower maintenance costs
  • Less time and labor spent on maintenance and repairs
  • Access to global markets

To learn more

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