p-25-03 With a dynamic team of technical representatives and technicians, our team offers the support that the client requires. Whether endless belt, carpet with staples or any other type of conveyor belts, we can offer you adequate service matching your needs.

Our services include :

Manufacture of value-added belts
Our main strength is in the manufacturing of conveyor belts. From the raw material we resize the belts according to the required dimensions and offer a value-added service by the capacity to add multiple components to the conveyor belts. For more details on this visit our Manufacturing section.
Installation Services
Our team of technicians are on hand, ready install the belts on-site at your facility. We install new conveyor belts, and also replace/repair damaged belts.
Not sure of exactly the best belt for your needs? Our skilled sales representatives will be happy to visit your site, examine your needs and make the best recommendations possible. They will help identify your requirements for conveyor belts and future maintenance.
Belt Surveys
One of the services offered is the analysis of your entire belt inventory called a belt survey. We keep this inventory on record, so that when it comes time to re-order, a simple coding system greatly lessens the need for lengthy details.
Analysis of specifications
We offer technical support to answer any and all of your questions. Visit our Products for datasheets of our belts, and our Manufacturing section for any other downloadable information you may require.