A major part of our production is based on this type of industry. Almost all environments can be found in these areas and special attention should be taken for proper operation of conveyor belts attached to it.

Some applications are listed below:

  • Meat processing (metal detectors, scales, cookers, cutting tables, boning, fryers, air sealers …)
  • Bakeries (Extruders, ovens, fryers, coolers, freezers, cutters, transfers, stores, slicers …)
  • Fruits & vegetables (picking, washing, sorting, freezers, canning, slicers, cookers, fryers, packaging …)
  • Snack foods (Cutter, fryers, seasoning, bagging …)
  • Dairy (pasteurizers, filling, fraying, metal detectors …)
  • Confectioneries (mixers, coolers, wrappers, packaging …)
  • Bottling (washers, ovens, fillers, pasteurizers, printing …)

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