A leader in the field of conveyor belting founded in 1983, Beltal has become an expert in designing, manufacturing and distributing belts. The company provides world-class advice and support.

Thanks to its dedicated and highly qualified team, Beltal’s approach is innovative and unique in the industry. A comprehensive needs analysis and solutions that exceed expectations are offered to each and every client.

All industrial companies, whatever the sector, are seeking to lower their production costs, to increase their productivity and to improve customer service. Beltal assists its clients in selecting the best products among a wide range of options. With the help of partners, team members collaborate in order to continuously improving clients’ production.

Through its customer recognition program or its belt optimization plan, Beltal puts all its energy and expertise into giving its client the greatest value, always.

At Beltal, our obsession with customer service is aimed at building with every client a lasting and profitable relationship.